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Autumn Forest, Baltimore Maryland. Original multimedia fine art work, paintings. $18 to $24, medium-size prints. Free downloads, wallpaper, ‬‎GrlFineArt. Fine art work, fine art decor, ‪‎fineart; landscapes, seascapes, boats, figures, nudes, figurative art, flowers, still life, digital abstracts. Multimedia classical traditional modern acrylic oil ‪‎painting‬ ‪‎painting‬s prints.
Autumn Forest, Baltimore Maryland.

small ~ 8x11 inches ~ $10
fine art print ~ 10x15 inches ~ $30

  LIMITED EDITION (edition size)
  Artist's Proof (1 only)

small ~ 8x11 - 9x14 ~ $69 - $89
fine art print ~ 12x18 inches ~ $99 - $129

  ("POD", not signed, limited-edition, artist's proof ...)
small-medium ~ 12x16 ~ $15
medium-large ~ 16x24 ~ $18 to $24
large... ~ 24x32 ~ $27 to $37
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                  ~ 12x16                   ~ 16x24                  ~ 24x32
                  ~ $15                      ~ $18 to $24            ~ $27 to $37
Additional choices are always available, such as types of prints, mats,

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I am a realist at heart, and enjoy interpreting realistic motifs in color and mood. My style includes traditional methods applied in a casual-realist manner usually a relatively thin underpainting, and using transparent glazes to enrich colors and shadows. Recently I have also been doing some new prints and paintings as mixed-media on paper and as direct original digital images.

All images are copyright. Permission is granted to download any images of my own art on this web site provided that downloaded pictures and/o copies are only for personal use. No permission is granted for any commercial use; all other rights reserved.

Fine art paintings, original and classical fine styled paintings, GrlFineArt by G. Linsenmayer.

Examples of classical fine art nude paintings, goddess, nudes, and examples of my own
original fine art paintings.

G. Linsenmayer paintings are for sale, originals and print-on-demand; look here for links.
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