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I am a realist at heart, and enjoy interpreting realistic motifs in color and mood. My style is a mix of traditional methods applied in a “casual-realist” manner; usually a relatively thin underpainting, and using transparent glazes to enrich colors and shadows. Recently I have also been doing some new prints and paintings as mixed-media on paper and as direct original digital images.

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Galleries: Original Oil Paintings, Prints, and Limited Edition Prints

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Prints are currently priced from $19 unmatted; Limited Editions from $65 unmatted. Original paintings are from $150 to $2500 framed.

Limited Editions...

Limited Editions are generally of 150. No more than 3 final AP prints will be made.

Traditional Oil Paintings...

Although my oil paintings are traditional, I try for a lighter and more casual mood and manner than would be found in more typical traditional and classical works. I do however, in keeping with traditional methods, build up my paintings in layers over appropriate groundwork and underpainting. My motifs are always realist, but otherwise vary, always trying to extract some particular essence of mood, color, and feeling from the motif.

Contemporary Paintings...

I have been more recently also doing more contemporary works, using charcoal, acrylic, paper-on-paper, and oils. These are fun, and allow me to develop more colorful and decorative forms while still reaching for a realistic essence of the motif.

Prints (i.e., reproductions)...

I make my own custom prints and limited edition prints (reproductions), only from my own original oil work. They are carefully developed and controlled to produce the best possible match color and mood to the originals, and are printed on high-quality heavy watercolor paper. Each print is coated with a protective material to provide an expected lifetime equivalent to that of a quality watercolor painting.

Direct Digital Prints...

I have recently been developing digital prints directly from original images using computer image processes. My motifs remain realistic, although sometimes the end result becomes semi-abstract. The computer allows amazing flexibility in manipulating colors and forms, while still reaching for an essence or mood of the motif. I use the same printing methods that I use in making prints of my original paintings, to achieve equal quality and lifetime.

winter, 2008